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Alumni / Old members

Zeynep Ladin Coşgun – MSc

Research topic: Functional ecology, community ecology, environmental gradients, and plant diversity

Education: MSc in Ecology (2022), BSc in Biology (2019)

Current position: Centre for Ecological Research intern

Nursema Aktepe – Post Doctoral Researcher

Research topic: Flammability traits in Mediterranean woody species

Education: Postdoc on Biology(2022), PhD on Biology (2021), MSc on Biology (2013), MSc on Cell and Molecular Biology (2010), BSc on Biology (2008)

Current position: Postdoc at Texas Tech University, TA at Kastamonu University.

Duygu Deniz Kazancı – PhD student

Research topic: Fire-related traits of Turkish red pine (Pinus brutia)

Education: MSc on Ecology (2014), BSc on Biology (2011)

Current position: Scholarship student at Hacettepe University

Özlem Özüdoğru (2012-2018)

Özlem completed her MSc thesis in our lab in 2018. She studied the effects of small-scale disturbances on plant communities of Central Anatolian Steppe. For her research, she performed both field and laboratory work on Central Anatolian steppe plants. After she graduated, she kept working as a biology teacher in a secondary school in Ankara, Turkey.

İsmail Bekar (2011-2016)

İsmail had contributed to many projects in the lab during his undergraduate period, and he completed his MSc thesis in our lab in 2016. He studied the role of anthropogenic and natural drivers shaping recent fire regimes in the Mediterranean ecosystems of Turkey. After leaving our lab, he started his Ph.D. study on fire modeling at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. His paper of MSc thesis: Bekar&Tavşanoğlu(2017)

İrem Tüysüz (2017-2019)

İrem completed her thesis in our lab in 2019. Her thesis was on the effect of plant-derived smoke and smoke-isolated chemical karrikinolide on the germination and early seedling growth of some ornamental plant species in Turkey. She also contributed to a project that we explored germination properties of Lavandula stoechas.

Gizem Yılmaz (2014-2015)

Gizem worked in the lab project on the early post-fire regeneration of burned forest areas in Muğla region (Turkey) as a voluntary biologist. She had a significant contribution especially to the fieldwork of the project.

İlkim Tan (2014-2015)

İlkim worked in the brown bear project of the lab as an undergraduate student. Her efforts helped us to proceed faster in the lab work of the project.

Eftalya Güneş (2014-2015)

Eftalya worked in the lab project on the cold-related germination in plants of Central Anatolian steppe as an undergraduate student.

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