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Variability in leaf traits in Quercus robur

Project title: Patterns of variation in leaf traits in Anatolian populations of Quercus robur [Quercus robur‘un Anadolu popülasyonlarında yaprak karakterlerinde değişkenlik örüntüleri]

Project leader: Çağatay Tavşanoğlu

Project personnel: Elif Deniz Ülker (MSc Student), Utku Perktaş (Researcher)

Duration: 2014-2015

Financial support: Hacettepe University Scientific Research Projects Coordination Unit

Aims: We aimed to investigate the variation patterns in leaf traits in Quercus robur, which is a oak species distributed throughout Turkey. We asked the question if geographic, topographic, and climatic variables have any effect on shaping the leaf trait variability in Q. robur.

Study area: Turkey

Methods: Leaf collection from several populations in the field, scanning to store the leaves as digital images, dry mass measurements, digital measurements of leaf traits, estimation of SLA