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Gül Ayyıldız | Post Doc Researcher

I am a Post-Doc Researcher currently at Hacettepe University working with Dr.Çağatay
Tavşanoğlu research team at the Functional Ecology Lab under the current project involving
the effect of climate change on the germination and seedling growth of wild plant species.
I conducted my Master’s study on the populations of six endangered endemic plant species in
Ayaş-Ankara and suggested related conservation action to protect the species from extinction.
Afterwards, in my doctoral research, I focused on the genetic diversity and population genetic
structure of all populations of three different rare endemic plant species with the most
appropriate conservation strategies.

During my PhD period, I worked as a research assistant and botanical expert in several
projects including “species conservation action”, “biodiversity monitoring”, and “ watershed
water quality monitoring” coordinated by relevant ministries of Republic of Turkey. In
addition I participated as a researcher in several Scientific Research Projects (BAP) until I had
my PhD degree.
I have recently been involved in an EU Project called H2020-MSCA-RISE as a post-doc
researcher between 2019 and 2023. Within the scope of this Project, I have been in Tunisia
for 10 months and 2 months in Germany to carry out the research.

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