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Zeynep Ladin Coşgun | MSc student

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Research topic: Functional ecology, community ecology, environmental gradients, and plant diversity

Education: MSc in Ecology (2022), BSc in Biology (2019)

Current position: Centre for Ecological Research intern

I’m currently working on vegetation gradients and diversity in forest-steppe habitats in the Carpathians as an Erasmus+ intern.

My master’s thesis is about the identification, comparison, and diversity of plant communities along an elevational gradient (0m to 3000m asl) in different vegetation types in the southwest Mediterranean region (a part of the Taurus Mountains) of Turkey, using the functional trait approach.

Since my undergraduate period in 2017, I have had an opportunity to voluntarily work in different subjects in FEL. Previously, I worked on a Tübitak project regarding plant functional trait measurements in Central Anatolian steppe vegetation in Turkey. I worked in fire-related germination experiments on Mediterranean plants. And I worked on the construction of some plant functional trait databases (a database for Anatolian steppe ecosystems and a database for endemic plant species in Turkey’s eastern Black Sea and western Mediterranean regions).

Besides that, I love camping, caving, swimming, gardening, and fieldworks. Being in nature is a passion for me. Also, I love animals, performing arts, opera, theatre, classical music, fiction books, and animation movies.

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