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Gülseli Kırgıl – MSc student

Research topic: Effects of climate change on insect-bat interactions

Education: BSc on Molecular Biology and Genetics (2021)

Current position: Scholarship student at Hacettepe University (TUBITAK BIDEB scholarship)

Gülseli is Msc student in the Division of Ecology, Department of Biology at Hacettepe University. She is graduated from Istanbul University, Molecular Biology and Genetics Department with the last year project about evolution of eusocial characteristics in insects. Gülseli is particularly interested in insect ecology, evolution and interactions (especially interactions among plants, insects and microorganisms).

She researches effects of climate change on ecological interactions of insects. However, while she is doing researches on this topic, she doesn’t want to harm insects. Thus, she wants to break new paths (specially molecular paths) to understand “the world of insects” without killing them. She currently researches insect-bat interactions and climate change’s effects on these interactions.

Also, Gülseli is interested in scientific journalism, philosophy of nature and the history of theater.

Her full CV.

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